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Journal of Advanced Engineering Trends (JAET) is an international, specialized, and peer-reviewed journal. It is a scientific research journal in different disciplines of engineering. It is a great opportunity for researchers all over the world to publish their research in JAET, a promising international refereed journal. JAET is to provide a forum for scientific publication and discussion of state-of-the-art engineering. In addition, it serves as a conduit for channeling advanced technology into the region. According to the evaluation of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, JAET received a rating of 7 out of 7 points. 

The journal is devoted to publishing good-quality papers. JAET publishes original papers and review articles. Papers covering experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects that contribute to the understanding of engineering aspects are particularly welcome. Submitted papers should not be considered for publication elsewhere. JAET is a peer-reviewed open-access journal published by the Faculty of Engineering at Minia University, in conjunction with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB). Research papers submitted to the journal are subject to double-blind refereeing. The journal is supported by international editorial board members who are experts in various fields related to engineering.  

Current Issue: Volume 43, Issue 1, January 2024 

Improved Model of a Gallium Nitride HEMT for High Power Application

Pages 27-32

Gamal Mahmoud Dousoky; fatma mohamed Ali; Mahmoud ahmed abdelghany; mohamed Abouelatta; Masahito Shoyama

Speed Sensorless Model Predictive Current Control of Linear Induction ‎Machines in Urban Transit

Pages 67-75

Samir A. Hamad; Ramadan M. Mostafa; Jean Thomas; Emad G Shehata; Ahmed Abdelhamid Zaki Diab

Combustion Characteristics for Assisted Air Pressure Swirl Atomizer

Pages 171-181

Hamada Mohamed Gad; Eslam Baraya; Tharwat Messiha; Ibrahim Abdelrahman

Electrocoagulation as an Efficient Technique to Remove Dyestuffs from Aqueous Mediums

Pages 183-187

Taha Ebrahim Farrag; Olfat Fadali; Mamdouh Nassar; Nehal A. Erfan; Amal M. Ibrahim

Prediction of the Silicon Yield on using Different SiO2/C/SiC Ratios

Pages 217-220

Aya Mohsen; Ahmed Abouelsoud; Reda Abobeah; Ibrahim Ashour

Investigation of using waste plastic

Pages 231-238

Essraa Barhoum Ali; Hassan Ahmed Youns; Abdelrahman Ahmed Megahd


Pages 301-310

Mohamed Reda Othman Ali; Moustfa Mahmoud Ammar; Mohamed Salah Eldeen Abdelhady Hassan

Recent advanced techniques in oil/water treatment

Pages 383-393

Dina Mohamed Ahmed; Eman Ashour; Marwa Shalaby

Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) using ECA Attention Mechanism Deep learning Networks

Pages 425-431

Doha salah salem; mahmoud sami soliman; ahmed abd el-baset donkol; Gamal M. Dousoky

Simulation of an x-y pneumatic position control system using a smart control algorithm

Pages 451-457

amr abdelmosen nour eldi abdelazem; , Shehab R. Tawfeica; Magdy Bassily