Passive Building Model Guidelines for Minia City Based on Psychometric Chart & CBE Tools

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Minia University


Passive design architecture is attractive to all of us; however, due to the present energy shortage, architects and engineers are interested in developing creative solutions that depend on nature's resources. This study investigates the design strategies that affect thermal comfort in residential buildings in Minia City. The study examined the Minia climate using a psychometric chart and CBE tool based on 12 passive strategies to develop building design recommendations. These recommendations will give architects the necessary knowledge throughout the project design phase to assist them in using natural resources, reducing operational energy usage, and preserving thermal comfort using passive approaches.
Although passive design has received little attention, it is crucial to know how natural systems that mimic the ecological systems on Earth perform. Climate type, adaptable thermal comfort, vernacular and contextual solutions, tools and evaluation techniques, microclimate, sun path, wind, rain, passive and active systems, and responsive forms are the main topics covered by the components of climatic design.


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