1 Administrator, Automotive and Tractors Engineering, Faculty of Eng. & Tech., Minia University.

2 Prof., Automotive and Tractors Engineering, Faculty of Eng. & Tech., Mataria, Helwan University.

3 Assistant Prof., Automotive and Tractors Engineering, Faculty of Eng. & Tech., Minia University.

4 Lecturer, Automotive and Tractors Engineering, Faculty of Eng. & Tech., Minia University.


The transportation problem has a special nature of linear programming problems. The objective of this problem is to minimize the total cost of distributing products from a number of sources to a number of destinations. In this paper, there are alternative algorithms which are used to solve the classical transportation problem. The solution algorithms for these methods are reformatted in an easy way. Some of these methods give solutions close to the optimal solution while others provide the optimal solutions directly. An illustrative example is used here to explain each method as well as a comparison between the different methods.


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