Single Ported Pharaonic Ankh-Key Antenna Array for Millimeter-Wave, 5G, 6G and Beyond Technologies Applications: Design, Simulation and Fabrication

Document Type : Original Article


1 Communications and Electronics Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA)

2 Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Minia 61111, Egypt


In this paper, a single layer multi-resonating frequency two-element Pharaonic Ankh-Key array antenna with length of 35 mm, width of 18.5 mm and height of 0.787mm Rogers/Duroid RT 5880 (ε_r = 2.2 and tanδ = 0.0009) fed with one port is proposed. The two elements are fed with a feeding network which is connected with a 50 Ω line of width 2.21 mm and length 8.8 mm. This antenna operates in all bands between 23.2 GHz to beyond 140 GHz with a band notch between 27.9 GHz to 30.4 GHz. It supports many bands such as 24 GHz, 28 GHz, 37 GHz, 39 GHz, 47 GHz, E-band, W-band, and D-band enhancing the use of 5G and advanced technologies applications. The antenna has a maximum gain between 8 dBi and 15.5 dBi along the operating spectrum. For performance verification, it has been simulated using three different simulators (HFSS, CST, and IE3D) each with a different simulation technique (FEM, FIT, and MOM, respectively). The fabrication of the proposed antenna was done at a very low cost compared to the existing ones and the measuring results were compared to the simulated results showing a very good agreement.