Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 1, January 2024 
Improved Model of a Gallium Nitride HEMT for High Power Application

Pages 27-32

Gamal Mahmoud Dousoky; fatma mohamed Ali; Mahmoud ahmed abdelghany; mohamed Abouelatta; Masahito Shoyama

Speed Sensorless Model Predictive Current Control of Linear Induction ‎Machines in Urban Transit

Pages 67-75

Samir A. Hamad; Ramadan M. Mostafa; Jean Thomas; Emad G Shehata; Ahmed Abdelhamid Zaki Diab

Combustion Characteristics for Assisted Air Pressure Swirl Atomizer

Pages 171-181

Hamada Mohamed Gad; Eslam Baraya; Tharwat Messiha; Ibrahim Abdelrahman

Electrocoagulation as an Efficient Technique to Remove Dyestuffs from Aqueous Mediums

Pages 183-187

Taha Ebrahim Farrag; Olfat Fadali; Mamdouh Nassar; Nehal A. Erfan; Amal M. Ibrahim

Prediction of the Silicon Yield on using Different SiO2/C/SiC Ratios

Pages 217-220

Aya Mohsen; Ahmed Abouelsoud; Reda Abobeah; Ibrahim Ashour

Investigation of using waste plastic

Pages 231-238

Essraa Barhoum Ali; Hassan Ahmed Youns; Abdelrahman Ahmed Megahd


Pages 301-310

Mohamed Reda Othman Ali; Moustfa Mahmoud Ammar; Mohamed Salah Eldeen Abdelhady Hassan

Recent advanced techniques in oil/water treatment

Pages 383-393

Dina Mohamed Ahmed; Eman Ashour; Marwa Shalaby

Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) using ECA Attention Mechanism Deep learning Networks

Pages 425-431

Doha salah salem; mahmoud sami soliman; ahmed abd el-baset donkol; Gamal M. Dousoky

Simulation of an x-y pneumatic position control system using a smart control algorithm

Pages 451-457

amr abdelmosen nour eldi abdelazem; , Shehab R. Tawfeica; Magdy Bassily