Simulation of an x-y pneumatic position control system using a smart control algorithm

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1 mechanical and power engineering, minia university

2 Mechanical Power and Energy Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, Minia, Egypt, 61519

3 Minia university


This paper deals with the use of a new switching control scheme used to assure good tracking performance of a pneumatic X-Y table and to reduce the control effort and get a faster response of the system. Simulation studies of an x-y pneumatic positioning control system are introduced using the Approaching Index Switching Algorithm (AISA). The value of the approaching index is used to switch between two different control sets. The first set is a lightly damped one used to ensure a faster response of the system, and the second control set is a tightly damped one used to approach the final destination. The system is simulated using MATLAB/Simulink and the results obtained using (AISA) are compared with those of the (PD) control. The results showed that 50% faster response is obtained. Meanwhile, this great enhancement in the speed of response is shown to be attainable although a 50% reduction of allowable limits of the control signal is enforced compared to those allowed to the PD controller. much better performance using the AISA compared to those of the PD control. All the desired specifications of the system such as error, stability, and power consumption are robustly satisfied under AISA.


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