Process Development for Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Dimethyl Ether

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1 chemical Engineering, faculty of engineering, Minia university, Minia, Egypt

2 Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Minia University, Egypt


Carbon dioxide emissions have been increased into the atmosphere recently and consequently carbon content in atmosphere increases and contributing to global warming. Captured CO2 may become a profitable income, besides controlling the carbon content in the atmosphere. A process development to produce clean and economic fuel-grade dimethyl ether (DME) from captured CO2 which recently attract the attention of industry is achieved in this work, and also methods used according to the use of raw material as each direct or indirect process have a different operating condition with specified catalyst and kinetic models for synthesis process. A process simulated program has been used in this work. The heat integration has been used in the development of the process and energy saving reached 40% as it reaches 50 MWth energy saving between the actual energy must use before any integration process and after integration in whole utility streams. As the total Energy capacity for factory to produce 44.2 t/h of DME is 125 MW and after process of Energy saving which include inserting heat exchangers the energy capacity reaches 75 MW. The plant capacity handles 88 t/h of CO2 with 12.1 t/h of H2 to produce 63.5 t/h of methanol and finally production of main product is 44.2 t/h of DME so it requires nearly 2 t/h of CO2 per ton of dimethyl ether produced.


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