Volume & Issue: Volume 43, Issue 2, June 2024 
Predicting DNA Methylation state of CpG Islands Using Machine Learning

Pages 11-17

Esraa Mamdouh Hashem; Asmaa Kamal; Mai S. Mabrouk; Mohamed W. Fakhre

AFRGDB V2.3: The Updated Gravity Database for Africa using RTM Technique

Pages 43-51

Hussein A. Abd-Elmotaal; Kurt Seitz; Norbert Kühtreiber; Bernhard Heck; Hansjörg Kutterer

Prediction of Emergency Braking Intention using Machine Learning Models

Pages 73-77

Samar Medhat Soliman; Abdallah Hassan; Hassan A. Youness; Mohammed Moness

A Proposed Preheating Technique for Enhancing the Thermal Performance of a Flat-Plate Solar Collector: An Experimental Study

Pages 101-115

Haitham Farhat Karar; Ramadan Bassiouny Mohamed; Mohamed Salah Hassan; Mohamed Reda Othman Ali

Influence of Pipe Diameter and Material on Water Hammer in Piped Systems

Pages 117-124

Ahmed Khaled Abdella Ahmed; Rania Wageh Shehata; Talaat Abdel-Wahed

Numerical Analysis to Evaluate the Behavior of the Concrete-Filled Hollow Steel Tubular Columns

Pages 143-155

Yasser Rifat Tawfic; Ahmad Saudi A. Sayed; Lailah Mahmoud Abdel-hafez; Mohamed A. Eid