An Embedded System Approach for Enhancing Customer Service and Operational Efficiency through Smart Assistant Robotics

Document Type : Original Article


1 1Mechatronics Engineering Department, El-Minia High Institute of Engineering and Technology, El-Minia 61111, Egypt.

2 Faculty of Engineering Minia University

3 3 Renewable Energy Science and Engineering Department, Faculty of Postgraduate Studies for Advanced Sciences (PSAS), Beni-Suef University, Beni-Suef 62511, Egypt


This paper presents a development of an intelligent assistant robot empowered by an embedded system device capable of efficiently managing diverse environments such as restaurants, banks, homes, and other business spaces. The system is designed around a microcontroller-based voice communication module for speech communication with sensors and smart devices. Several cutting-edge software programs are included in it to recognize faces, organize duties, and respond to particular inquiries and requests. To control the home and its various applications, an embedded system serves as a local server. Through this central control, the robot exhibits a wide range of activities, catering to customer inquiries in multiple ways. These responses may include verbal interactions, expressive gestures, or the execution of specific software tasks, all tailored to ensure a satisfactory user experience. The versatility of the robot's actions contributes to its effectiveness in handling customer needs and enhancing overall operational efficiency. By leveraging the capabilities of the embedded system device and employing advanced software algorithms, this paper demonstrates the potential of intelligent robotics in revolutionizing various industries. The smart assistant robot's ability to seamlessly communicate, comprehend, and respond to human interactions paves the way for enhanced customer service, streamlined operations, and improved productivity. The results show a wide variety of activities the robot can take to respond to customer inquiries. The actions executed can be verbal responses, gestures, or any kind of software task.


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